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I Need a Book Idea or a Project

I need to find some other way to express myself creatively.  I have a yearning to poor myself into something, a project, a book, anything.  I don’t know where to start.  I’ve downloaded all sorts of software to get the … Continue reading

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Back Pain and Ruptured Disks

Went to the doctor again today for my back pain.  The doctor said that my back was in pretty bad shape and I should have back surgery before it damages my nerves and muscles.  Great.  I have been putting it … Continue reading

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Information Overload!!!!

I can’t seem to keep up with the demands of my technical career anymore.  There is just too much to learn for my old brain.  It really is difficult to constantly have to learn a new language, tool, operating system, … Continue reading

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Phone Talking–I HATE IT!

It seems that everyone on the planet loves to call me and talk about lengthy boring crap that I don’t care one iota for.   They ask me “what’s wrong”, “you busy”, “why don’t you talk more.”   Why?   BECAUSE … Continue reading

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Donated Leave

I have a co-worker who is fighting cancer and currently going through chemotherapy.  He has missed a lot of work and used all of his vacation leave and sick leave.  And now, our group is gathering up spare vacation time … Continue reading

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Zoo Visit

We took a trip to the local Zoo for Easter.  I took a few photos with my phone’s camera and the lens apparently has something on it which caused sunlight to taint the picture in some very interesting ways.  

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Back Pain Tonight

Since I have unbearable back pain tonight, my entry will be short and sweet.   I have taken about 24 motrin today so far along with pain medicine and I still am unable to kill the pain.  I am considering a … Continue reading

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Investing decisions

My 401k money has been moving around a lot lately.   Prudential was the original location, then I switched to another job and left it with them.   Well, that company was sold and the new owners moved all the accounts to … Continue reading

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A Good Watch

I am in need of a good watch since my cheap watch finally died.  I like the Skagen watch due to the movement and the thin body style. I just love the overall look of this watch.  It looks like … Continue reading

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Fixed Lawn Sprinkler!!

Well, I tried what the generous repairman suggested and I found the break in the valve wiring underneath the lawn.   Yeah! It feels so good to fix something and not pay someone hundreds of dollars to do something so simple … Continue reading

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