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Paranormal Activity

The wife and I just finished watching the film Paranormal Activity and now I can’t pry her out of my side with a crowbar. She is really spooked by this movie. It was scary, but all the camera jerking was … Continue reading

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Loud Noises

What a shitty day. It seems like every car and every voice is amplified 100 times today. Why? Because I have a major migraine headache. Well, HAD is the word I should say. It’s eased off enough for me to … Continue reading

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No Hope or Care Anymore

My level of cynicism has reached such a high level that I don’t think I can be happy anymore. Religion has failed me (long time ago). My drive to get ahead has stalled due to the “good ole boy” club … Continue reading

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I am sick, but not dead

Going back to work is proving to be more difficult than I initially imagined it would be. I came home at lunch because the nausea and headaches were too much today. I slept most of the entire afternoon because the … Continue reading

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My Monday is a Sunday

Well, Independence Day has come and gone for another year and the statistics say that about 6000 people suffered injuries due to errors in handling fireworks that maimed and removed limbs and digits. Wow, 6000 people lost hands and fingers, … Continue reading

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