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Disabled my Touch Pad

I finally figured out how to disable the annoying touch pad on my laptop.  I scoured the internet and found everything from Registry edits to hard wire disconnects before I found the appropriate software solution.  I had installed Windows 7 … Continue reading

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Time Traveler’s Contact Please

Another  request for any time traveling persons to contact me.  I leave these messages all over the internet in hopes of receiving a response.   I am patient and I know that this could be viewed unfavorably by future beings for … Continue reading

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Our Kayaking Trip At Morrison’s State Park

We had a very good time with the kids at our first time visiting Morrison’s Springs State Park.  Looks like we may be buying some kayaks. The boys picked up the steering and paddling around with little difficulty.  Now for … Continue reading

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Kindle Audio Book Voice

I let my Kindle read a book to me last night. It is cool technology, but the generated voice and continuous monotone droll makes it somewhat tedious. I see other areas of the Kindle that could use some refactoring also.  … Continue reading

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People and their damn kids

The neighbor’s kid, who is about 7, just about makes me want to choke him down.  He comes over and looks through our stuff and spreads it out over the entire yard from the garage.  He is a conniver that … Continue reading

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First Day of School

School has started again.  No more lazy summer boredom. The kids were so sad yesterday and moody due to the end of the summer vacation, but the parents were smiling a little. Time travelers still haven’t contacted me, but I … Continue reading

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New Kitty Cat

We broke down and adopted another kitten.  Here is he. We named him “August”, but we call him “Gus” or “Auggie”.  That is all.

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Waiting for a Time Travelers

I am going to start tagging my blog posts with requests for contact from Time Travelers.  I know that somehow this electronic data will be stored somewhere in the universe’s machinery, so I am starting my requests for contacts.  I … Continue reading

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Yay, I made it around the sun another year.

Okay, I am another year closer to death and my body continues its journey of self destruction.  I hate birthdays and aging.  I wish some time traveler’s would find me and show me their world of tomorrow.  You hear that, … Continue reading

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