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A Virus has Attacked Me and My Family

We have been exhausted and out of commission for the last 2 days due to a virus my older son brought home from high school.  It attacked the respiratory system and leaves a person totally tired and unwilling to do … Continue reading

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Out Sick Today

Bad sinus attack last night kept me up and miserable most of the night.  I was able to get into to see the doctor.  He gave me some Augmentin for the infection and told me to rinse with Saline and … Continue reading

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Sick again

Feel so sick to my stomach.  I don’t guess I will ever have another day when I won’t feel like dying.  Just unbelievable.    

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Donated Leave

I have a co-worker who is fighting cancer and currently going through chemotherapy.  He has missed a lot of work and used all of his vacation leave and sick leave.  And now, our group is gathering up spare vacation time … Continue reading

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I am sick, but not dead

Going back to work is proving to be more difficult than I initially imagined it would be. I came home at lunch because the nausea and headaches were too much today. I slept most of the entire afternoon because the … Continue reading

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