I Need a Book Idea or a Project

I need to find some other way to express myself creatively.  I have a yearning to poor myself into something, a project, a book, anything.  I don’t know where to start.  I’ve downloaded all sorts of software to get the creative juices going, but I am still stuck.  Writer’s block in a major way.  I have nothing.  Nada.  No ideas.  How can I push through this to get to another plane of thought which will lead to my releasing my built-up creativity?





Punch + Light bulb = Lightning


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4 Responses to I Need a Book Idea or a Project

  1. Jessica says:

    There are a lot of things you can do about this: You could listen to music and try to write a scene around the song. Maybe it is in the background at a restaurant/store a character is at. Think about what type of a person would listen to the song, what they would do as listening to it (sing, hum bob head). One thing I do is think of it like a movie scene, this really helps me. Listen to the song and think of what type of a scene would it be in (action, intimate, suspense, thriller etc) and write a scene to it. Some people suggest setting a timer for 10 minutes and writing even if you can’t find anything to write about and eventually you will find something.
    Think of random things. And even if you don’t like the scene, the characters or something about it, you can always take fragments of it and use for something else. You also have a lot of tags. Try looking at them and imagine a scene of someone out in nature, someone that really likes reading and collects old books or someone that works in marketing using social networking only and is extremely socially awkward face to face.

  2. pinkbambi13 says:

    Hi! I just thought that I would drop in with a few suggestions.

    If you are looking for a great list to start a reading project for, perhaps use this list: http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/bigread/top100.shtml

    It’s a really great list of classics and loved books, not all of them necessarily ancient. If you are looking to do something artistic, it might a good idea to start life drawing, perhaps sit next to a window and sketch what you see. Do it once a week and then, over a time, see how well you have done! You could always write a short story or novel, get a deviantart account or learn how to cook!

    If you need ideas with writing, the best thing to do is to choose a word each day and write exactly 100 words containing the theme of that word. It’s a great way to start thinking and really devote yourself to something.

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