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Completed my surgery on the 14th and I have been recovering to date.  I have 5 more weeks of convalescence until I can return to work.   My pain for the first week has been pure hell, but it should gradually … Continue reading

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Panic Attack Week!!

My family has had 1 heart attack, 1 brain bleed, 1 cancer diagnosis, and a root canal all in the last 4 days for 4 different family members.  Granted the root canal is nothing, but it did happen to me … Continue reading

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No Time for Anything

Seems like I can never find enough time to do all the things I need to do in a day.  There are literally tons of books I want to read.  There are so many software projects and apps that I … Continue reading

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Back Pain Tonight

Since I have unbearable back pain tonight, my entry will be short and sweet.   I have taken about 24 motrin today so far along with pain medicine and I still am unable to kill the pain.  I am considering a … Continue reading

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Anger Issues

I lose my temper way to much lately. I can’t seem to stop myself once I get started.  I feel so bad later that  I could just cry.   I wish I could control it.  What on earth can I do … Continue reading

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Loud Noises

What a shitty day. It seems like every car and every voice is amplified 100 times today. Why? Because I have a major migraine headache. Well, HAD is the word I should say. It’s eased off enough for me to … Continue reading

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