About Little Ole Me

Middle age 7/8 English and 1/8 Creek Indian.   I claim the Creek heritage, because, wth, my Dad is an official tribal member.  He actually receives money and goes to meetings, so I guess I can claim my Native American’ness.   The state of Alabama used to be Creek land, so they can either give it back to the tribe, or let them have casinos.  The creeks have casinos, dog tracks, and horse tracks in Alabama.   So, that’s why my Dad gets a check, or two, from the tribe.

My education, MS Computer Science … blah blah blah

My career, DOD contractor/Civil Servant who has worked on all forms of death weapons…blah blah blah.

My Hobbies:   I collect and study Math books. Old and new.  If I could figure out how to get all that information into my head and retain it, i would be sooooo happy.

Also, I have a family of 3 strapping young boys that I would fight hell and/or high water to defend, save, love, and prosper.

The wife:  I am so in love and attached to her, I would rather die than breathe one breath more than her.

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