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Tree Trimming Today

Had the family out back trimming the low hanging tree limbs this evening.   I cut them up with my trusty electric chain saw while my youngest boy stacked them for pickup.  I am getting way to old to be useful … Continue reading

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A Confederate Girl’s Diary

I finished reading this free Kindle e-book that was supposedly written  by a girl living in Louisiana during the Civil war.  Very interesting day to day accounting of the hardships and tribulations that the civilians had to endure during the … Continue reading

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Background Worker Threading

I have been dealing a lot with background worker threading at work lately.  It looks so easy that I must be sacrificing something, or there is some hidden drawback to using these worker threads that come pre-canned with .Net Visual … Continue reading

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Busy and Tired for 3 weeks

I have not had time to update this site in quite a while because I have been so busy that I come home and go directly to bed.  So, I am really happy that I have a 3 day weekend … Continue reading

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