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Make Microcontroller

I am going to get a microcontroller and start controlling stuff. I studied a lot of this in college 20 years ago, so it will be like riding a bike, right? I am looking at getting one of the Make … Continue reading

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Took my son Golfing. I am terrible at golf, but my son is a natural and he is on his school’s golf team. Plus, he is already taller than his old man and his swing really utilizes this fact. Maybe … Continue reading

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Book Ideas

I am thinking about writing a book. Sci-Fi mainly while exploring the aggressive dominant nature of women taken to the extreme. I have a few chapters already complete with a lot of plot still floating around in my head. Note … Continue reading

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Math Book

I really want a copy of this mathematics book. I have heard all kinds of good things about this book and it really is put together well.

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Laptop Screen Flicker

What is causing my laptop screen to flicker? We took it back to the store where we bought it, and they sent it off to be fixed for the same reason about 3 months ago. It’s back and now the … Continue reading

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A Nice Homestead

  This is my idea of a sweet start to a homestead. Someone else had the right idea, but somehow gave up on it. Saw this on Reddit.  

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More “Good Ole Boy” System

I know nothing will stop the “Good Ole Boys” from looking out for other “Good Ole Boys”, but this is my rant on the latest experience I’ve had with it. It seems that developers that do their job and put … Continue reading

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