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Refinance of my House Failed Again!

I have a credit score of 804 combined with my wife’s.  We have made house payments for 11 years like clockwork without ever being late.  We were denied another attempt to refinance because we didn’t have $8000 in the bank … Continue reading

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Lottery Winner Movie

I see the end of this movie, and the lottery winner flies off in a helicopter.  Implying that he purchased a helicopter.   Wow, a new helicopter like the one in the movie costs well over a million dollars.  I figure … Continue reading

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No Time for Anything

Seems like I can never find enough time to do all the things I need to do in a day.  There are literally tons of books I want to read.  There are so many software projects and apps that I … Continue reading

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Investing decisions

My 401k money has been moving around a lot lately.   Prudential was the original location, then I switched to another job and left it with them.   Well, that company was sold and the new owners moved all the accounts to … Continue reading

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Fixed Lawn Sprinkler!!

Well, I tried what the generous repairman suggested and I found the break in the valve wiring underneath the lawn.   Yeah! It feels so good to fix something and not pay someone hundreds of dollars to do something so simple … Continue reading

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TAXES really suck

We have our own business this year and we had to pay the special self employment tax on top of all the other bullshit taxes we had to pay. We may have broke even this year.   F. U. IRS!! … Continue reading

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What to Blog About

Most of the time I really can’t think of anything that interesting to say, so I put mundane crap into a blog just to be blogging. I work with C# and .Net during the day, and I suppose I could … Continue reading

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Sunday Melancholy

Sunday night depression really gets me. I’m feeling melancholy and constantly thinking of a new work week. It has always got me down even since my school days. I wonder if anyone else experiences these lowdown and sad feelings on … Continue reading

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