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Depression is Horrible Tonight

My body is failing me and I am becoming more and more of an invalid.  I can’ sleep, sit, stand, or walk; running is quite impossible now.  It started to rain on me yesterday, and I started running reflexively.  Pain, … Continue reading

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A Friend and Co-worker has Died

Yesterday, a co-worker lost his battle with cancer.  He found out he had cancer only a few months ago, but it was very pervasive.  We were a lot closer in the past, but we drifted into other departments, and for … Continue reading

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Back Pain Gone!

Six weeks after my Spine Fusion surgery, I have zero pain.    I am feeling euphoric about the success of my surgeon’s work.  I sure hope it lasts.

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Completed my surgery on the 14th and I have been recovering to date.  I have 5 more weeks of convalescence until I can return to work.   My pain for the first week has been pure hell, but it should gradually … Continue reading

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Panic Attack Week!!

My family has had 1 heart attack, 1 brain bleed, 1 cancer diagnosis, and a root canal all in the last 4 days for 4 different family members.  Granted the root canal is nothing, but it did happen to me … Continue reading

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Tooth Ache From Hell

SO, I have this very fierce tooth pain in my upper left jaw.  The dentist took x-rays and probed around. I can’t believe that I need a root canal and 2 cavities filled.  Jesus, you miss one appointment and your … Continue reading

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Will the Sun Ever Shine Again?!

We have been getting TS Lee for 4 days now.  My GOD!  Will it ever stop raining?  I’m not talking about light happy rain showers; it has been pouring like a fire hose at full blast!!  The rivers are getting … Continue reading

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A Virus has Attacked Me and My Family

We have been exhausted and out of commission for the last 2 days due to a virus my older son brought home from high school.  It attacked the respiratory system and leaves a person totally tired and unwilling to do … Continue reading

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Yay, I made it around the sun another year.

Okay, I am another year closer to death and my body continues its journey of self destruction.  I hate birthdays and aging.  I wish some time traveler’s would find me and show me their world of tomorrow.  You hear that, … Continue reading

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Busy and Tired for 3 weeks

I have not had time to update this site in quite a while because I have been so busy that I come home and go directly to bed.  So, I am really happy that I have a 3 day weekend … Continue reading

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