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Laptop Frustration

I finally pulled my Dell apart and found the loose connection causing the short to the chassis of the laptop.  Dell couldn’t fix it, and I had finally had enough of the flickering.  I submit for approval the new look … Continue reading

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Tooth Ache From Hell

SO, I have this very fierce tooth pain in my upper left jaw.  The dentist took x-rays and probed around. I can’t believe that I need a root canal and 2 cavities filled.  Jesus, you miss one appointment and your … Continue reading

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Lots of code examples   This site has it all. Almost.  Java, C#, VB, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PHP, Android, Office Products, and more. The amount of sample code at this site is awesome.

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Information Overload!!!!

I can’t seem to keep up with the demands of my technical career anymore.  There is just too much to learn for my old brain.  It really is difficult to constantly have to learn a new language, tool, operating system, … Continue reading

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Google Reader

While I really like the feeds that I can peruse with Google Reader, the massive amount of links is near impossible to get through. How the heck does someone stay informed about all the tech stuff? It is near impossible. … Continue reading

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Joined the Facebook

Finally broke down and joined. I see the reason why this application has taken off so well. People are keeping in touch and that’s a good thing. I can keep track of my relatives and friends and know what’s going … Continue reading

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Android Phone Owner

I finally convinced my wife to let me buy a cell phone that can run Android. Yes!I can really see the coolness and the functionality of all those apps at my disposal is awesome.  

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