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TAXES really suck

We have our own business this year and we had to pay the special self employment tax on top of all the other bullshit taxes we had to pay. We may have broke even this year.   F. U. IRS!! … Continue reading

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Anniversary Gift Update

I ended up getting my wife a sofa and love seat for our 15 year anniversary. We had the same couch since our first year of marriage, so it was time. We donated the old furniture to “Good Will”.

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If I see anymore Pop Ups, I am going to end someone.     Plus, my font size is so damned small in my blog template, but it is huge when I post, so what the hell did I click … Continue reading

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Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

My wife and I are celebrating our 15th year wedding anniversary on the 17th of February. I checked the gift to give for certain years, and this year, it is crystal for traditionalists and a watch for modernists. I will … Continue reading

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  The world continues to wait and see what happens in Egypt. Food is becoming a rarity, so this should be resolved one way or another fairly soon. It looks to be pure chaos as pro and anti Mubarak forces … Continue reading

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New Project

So, I am getting to do an Android project for my job. YAY!!!   Eclipse, Java, and the Android SDK.

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