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Trip To the Caves in Florida

Yes, there are a network of caves in Florida.  Just west of Tallahassee, in Marianna, there are caves carved out by flowing water millions of years ago.  I managed to snap one picture with my camera phone, then the battery … Continue reading

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Family Matters Boiling Over Again

I hate it when family members are embroiled, bickering, and name-calling. She said this about your cousin; then, he said that about your Aunt, and so on.  It usually has the most pointless little disagreement that doesn’t amount to a … Continue reading

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Too Tired Tonight

I am so tired tonight that I can’t think of any subject to post about.   My brain is just frazzled tonight.  I have stared at the blank page to the point where I am going to post that I have … Continue reading

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Discovered Shelfari

I recently found the site Shelfari; actually, a neighbor recommended it to my wife, and I sort of checked it out.  I have been adding books like a madman for the past 2 weeks.  I really love the site and … Continue reading

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C# Code Post Test

1: static void AppendTimestamp(string filename, 2: string message, 3: Encoding encoding = null, 4: DateTime? timestamp = null) 5: { 6: 7: Encoding realEncoding = encoding ?? Encoding.UTF8; 8: DateTime realTimestamp = timestamp ?? DateTime.Now; 9: using (TextWriter writer = … Continue reading

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No Time for Anything Lately

I am so tired and I haven’t had time or the inclination to update this blog lately.  But, I will get back into it shortly.  This weekend for sure.  I guess we had something to do with the kids every … Continue reading

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Real Estate Web Page

So, I am doing some free work for my brother’s real estate company.  I don’t mind helping my family, plus my wifey works for the company also, so that is another motivating factor.  I have not updated, created, or maintained … Continue reading

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Paranormal Activity movie

  I really enjoy a good scare, and this movie did the trick. Low budget special affects and it still creeped us all out.   Maybe because it looked like something that could happen makes it that much more scary. I … Continue reading

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Lottery Winner Movie

I see the end of this movie, and the lottery winner flies off in a helicopter.  Implying that he purchased a helicopter.   Wow, a new helicopter like the one in the movie costs well over a million dollars.  I figure … Continue reading

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Lots of Family Fighting Today

I hate it when my family fights with each other.   All day, it was one argument after another.  Everyone needs to sit back relax and take a pill or something.  Blow Ups, cut downs, dares, and “in your face” arguments … Continue reading

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