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Out Sick Today

Bad sinus attack last night kept me up and miserable most of the night.  I was able to get into to see the doctor.  He gave me some Augmentin for the infection and told me to rinse with Saline and … Continue reading

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Windows Liver Writer

Is there anything else I can use to update this blog that would be better than Windows Live Writer?  It really doesn’t offer a whole lot.  I just want more features than this one has to offer.

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Marble Sized Hail an Hour Ago

We have had some violent thunderstorms for the last 2 hours.  My god it has some gusty winds and lightning.  Scared the heck out of my children; they all found flashlights and hid in the hallway.  Due to the recent … Continue reading

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Lots of code examples   This site has it all. Almost.  Java, C#, VB, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PHP, Android, Office Products, and more. The amount of sample code at this site is awesome.

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The Cat Whisperer Show

My wife and I have started watching the Cat show with the bald, bearded, and glasses guy that can help people with troubled cats figure out what was wrong with them and fix their behavior.  I can’t believe some of … Continue reading

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Preach, Preachy, Preachy.

Why oh why does it never fail, that people get so damned preachy on Facebook.  Come on, quit taking up page space with the same shit over and over again; we get it, you love Jesus!  Now shut the fuck … Continue reading

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Tutorials Galore!

Someone turned me onto this new website full of tutorials.  It’s called  It really gives a good lesson on how to solve tons of mathematical problems at all levels of study.  Other subjects are well represented as well.  Now … Continue reading

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