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Depression is Horrible Tonight

My body is failing me and I am becoming more and more of an invalid.  I can’ sleep, sit, stand, or walk; running is quite impossible now.  It started to rain on me yesterday, and I started running reflexively.  Pain, … Continue reading

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A Friend and Co-worker has Died

Yesterday, a co-worker lost his battle with cancer.  He found out he had cancer only a few months ago, but it was very pervasive.  We were a lot closer in the past, but we drifted into other departments, and for … Continue reading

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His Return from Vietnam circa 1968

This was one of the first photos of my Dad upon his return from Vietnam, below the text.   The picture doesn’t show it, but his battles with internal demons must have started at this point.  Later, he fought alcohol, drugs, … Continue reading

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Halloween Eve

Tomorrows the night!!   So far, one of our boys is kicking the idea around of wearing an oversized sombrero and a scary mask.   Gus, our newest cat, likes the shade for napping.  Maybe we can figure out a way … Continue reading

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Fort Barrancas and the Naval Museum

Lots of pictures of our day trip to Fort Barrancas, Pensacola NAS, Florida.  My parents, and wife and kids, took a trip to the NAS Pensacola, Fort Barrancas and the Naval Museum.  Lots of walking and reading, but it was … Continue reading

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Panic Attack Week!!

My family has had 1 heart attack, 1 brain bleed, 1 cancer diagnosis, and a root canal all in the last 4 days for 4 different family members.  Granted the root canal is nothing, but it did happen to me … Continue reading

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Crazy Kitten

Our newest pet is so wired when he isn’t sleeping.  He runs across the back of the couch at light speed and can stop on a dime.   I have seen him chase a toy and catch it in mid-air while … Continue reading

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A Virus has Attacked Me and My Family

We have been exhausted and out of commission for the last 2 days due to a virus my older son brought home from high school.  It attacked the respiratory system and leaves a person totally tired and unwilling to do … Continue reading

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Our Kayaking Trip At Morrison’s State Park

We had a very good time with the kids at our first time visiting Morrison’s Springs State Park.  Looks like we may be buying some kayaks. The boys picked up the steering and paddling around with little difficulty.  Now for … Continue reading

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People and their damn kids

The neighbor’s kid, who is about 7, just about makes me want to choke him down.  He comes over and looks through our stuff and spreads it out over the entire yard from the garage.  He is a conniver that … Continue reading

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