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A Friend and Co-worker has Died

Yesterday, a co-worker lost his battle with cancer.  He found out he had cancer only a few months ago, but it was very pervasive.  We were a lot closer in the past, but we drifted into other departments, and for … Continue reading

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My Family Veterans and Their Sacrifices

My family has served this country to the very marrow of their bones.  I have lost 2 great uncles in WWII; first one about 2 weeks after the Normandy invasion in France, and the second great uncle at the “Battle … Continue reading

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Family Matters Boiling Over Again

I hate it when family members are embroiled, bickering, and name-calling. She said this about your cousin; then, he said that about your Aunt, and so on.  It usually has the most pointless little disagreement that doesn’t amount to a … Continue reading

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Lots of Family Fighting Today

I hate it when my family fights with each other.   All day, it was one argument after another.  Everyone needs to sit back relax and take a pill or something.  Blow Ups, cut downs, dares, and “in your face” arguments … Continue reading

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No Time for Anything

Seems like I can never find enough time to do all the things I need to do in a day.  There are literally tons of books I want to read.  There are so many software projects and apps that I … Continue reading

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Hard Labor Weekend

Another weekend of  fixing stuff that has been broken for quite some time.  Well, we reset the sprinkler near the road; hopefully, this will be the last time I have to address that particular head.  Someone keeps running off the … Continue reading

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Great Sunday!

The wife, kids and I had a pretty good day visiting with family, swimming, grilling steaks, and going to a book sale; where I purchased a classic copy of Catch-22. Next week, the street art festival is happening and we … Continue reading

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