Donated Leave

I have a co-worker who is fighting cancer and currently going through chemotherapy.  He has missed a lot of work and used all of his vacation leave and sick leave.  And now, our group is gathering up spare vacation time to keep this man’s paycheck and insurance going until he gets back on his feet.  This is the first time I have every donated leave and I must say that it felt really good to help someone.   I think I will try to keep being charitable from this point in my life onward.  I have been a grumpy selfish jerk for most of my miserable existence, but I can’t be that way anymore. I have turned a corner.


I gave 10% of my accumulated total vacation time to help a fellow human being.


Open-mouthed smile


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One Response to Donated Leave

  1. kmandew says:

    Update on this man’s fight. He lost his battle with pancreatic cancer 2 months ago, and I just haven’t thought about it too much. Harley, you were a nice man, may you rest in peace and be pain free. Cancer … we had better figure out how to kill it.

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