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Panic Attack Week!!

My family has had 1 heart attack, 1 brain bleed, 1 cancer diagnosis, and a root canal all in the last 4 days for 4 different family members.  Granted the root canal is nothing, but it did happen to me … Continue reading

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What Should I blog about?

I thought about turning to the dark side on the ride home from work and attacking the political leaders that keep saying that the rich pay enough, but I don’t know if I want to even think about that garbage.  … Continue reading

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Tooth Ache From Hell

SO, I have this very fierce tooth pain in my upper left jaw.  The dentist took x-rays and probed around. I can’t believe that I need a root canal and 2 cavities filled.  Jesus, you miss one appointment and your … Continue reading

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Crazy Kitten

Our newest pet is so wired when he isn’t sleeping.  He runs across the back of the couch at light speed and can stop on a dime.   I have seen him chase a toy and catch it in mid-air while … Continue reading

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I can’t say enough good things about this product. It has made my work so much easier in the short time that I have discovered it.  So, if you are using .Net and you don’t know about LINQ, then learn … Continue reading

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LINQ Rules!

I can’t seem to talk up .Net and the use of LINQ in every situation that requires the use of a database, XML, or a collection.  Simple, fast, and elegant! int[] numbers = { 5, 4, 1, 3, 9, 8, … Continue reading

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Will the Sun Ever Shine Again?!

We have been getting TS Lee for 4 days now.  My GOD!  Will it ever stop raining?  I’m not talking about light happy rain showers; it has been pouring like a fire hose at full blast!!  The rivers are getting … Continue reading

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