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Waiting for a Time Travelers

I am going to start tagging my blog posts with requests for contact from Time Travelers.  I know that somehow this electronic data will be stored somewhere in the universe’s machinery, so I am starting my requests for contacts.  I … Continue reading

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Information Overload!!!!

I can’t seem to keep up with the demands of my technical career anymore.  There is just too much to learn for my old brain.  It really is difficult to constantly have to learn a new language, tool, operating system, … Continue reading

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Math Book

I really want a copy of this mathematics book. I have heard all kinds of good things about this book and it really is put together well.

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What to Blog About

Most of the time I really can’t think of anything that interesting to say, so I put mundane crap into a blog just to be blogging. I work with C# and .Net during the day, and I suppose I could … Continue reading

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The Size of the Universe and Death

My son asked me last night how big was our universe, “The Milky Way”.  So, I took the time to explain the size of the solar system, size of our galaxy (Milky Way), and finally the size of our Universe.  … Continue reading

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