What to Blog About

Most of the time I really can’t think of anything that interesting to say, so I put mundane crap into a blog just to be blogging. I work with C# and .Net during the day, and I suppose I could start another blog about those subjects, but there are already an abundant number of those sites. I also have other interests, but to name them, I can find many sites dealing with each topic of interest. So, what is the point of blogging to give another slant on an already over-blogged subject. I need an idea and I need to come up with something soon. Something unique. All I can think of unique is my own personal experiences.


Books I have read recently:


Holy Bible    I read every single word of this book (NKJV).


Slaughterhouse 5 I enjoyed the time travel mechanism of the book. I picture Billy as having PTS.


Catcher in the RyeDidn’t like this one; the slang is really dated.

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Computer Scientists Interested in Solving Problems
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