Little Wayne was Wronged

First, a little about myself: I am a middle aged Caucasian male who does not listen to Rap music, ever.

Now, my take on the “Little Wayne” arrest and incarceration is given. His 2 amendment rights were violated and he was unfairly arrested and jailed. We, as Americans, have the right to have guns and this man was sentenced to jail time for a single gun being found on his bus is an injustice. There has to be more to the case, or he was plainly railroaded because of his rap status and appearance. Come on, there are more people riding around in pickup trucks with guns all racked up and in plain sight that have never been taken to the cleaners like Mr. Wayne. There should be some sort of backlash at this injustice and I don’t see why his followers are not outraged at this case.

Little Wayne Ă 

Don’t like his music, but I believe his 2nd amendment rights were violated.

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