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Some People Can’t Handle Being a Manager

I work with a good group of guys who enjoy creating good clean robust code.  But, there is a group that is not under our management nor are they above our management, and they have a dick working for them. … Continue reading

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Busy and Tired for 3 weeks

I have not had time to update this site in quite a while because I have been so busy that I come home and go directly to bed.  So, I am really happy that I have a 3 day weekend … Continue reading

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Donated Leave

I have a co-worker who is fighting cancer and currently going through chemotherapy.  He has missed a lot of work and used all of his vacation leave and sick leave.  And now, our group is gathering up spare vacation time … Continue reading

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MSFT Expressions Web 4 Professional

I loaded it last night and had some problems getting the activation to succeed. Tonight, it worked like a charm and I didn’t do anything but click the activate menu item.   Weird. I don’t know how much of it I … Continue reading

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Florida FCATs are this week

It’s that time of year when the teachers and students in the state of Florida stop all the cramming and regurgitate all the information and mathematics on the FCAT tests. Our district scores very high in the state, and my … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown

I am so ticked about the government shutdown that I could scream.  I worked all day today, or at least trying to concentrate on my work, while the threat of a government shutdown looms ahead.  I really wish that I … Continue reading

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Loud Noises

What a shitty day. It seems like every car and every voice is amplified 100 times today. Why? Because I have a major migraine headache. Well, HAD is the word I should say. It’s eased off enough for me to … Continue reading

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More “Good Ole Boy” System

I know nothing will stop the “Good Ole Boys” from looking out for other “Good Ole Boys”, but this is my rant on the latest experience I’ve had with it. It seems that developers that do their job and put … Continue reading

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What to Blog About

Most of the time I really can’t think of anything that interesting to say, so I put mundane crap into a blog just to be blogging. I work with C# and .Net during the day, and I suppose I could … Continue reading

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Sunday Melancholy

Sunday night depression really gets me. I’m feeling melancholy and constantly thinking of a new work week. It has always got me down even since my school days. I wonder if anyone else experiences these lowdown and sad feelings on … Continue reading

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