What Should I blog about?

I thought about turning to the dark side on the ride home from work and attacking the political leaders that keep saying that the rich pay enough, but I don’t know if I want to even think about that garbage.  Also, to the people that keep saying that the rich deserve to keep their money.  Are you kidding me, there is nothing that anyone in this world does that deserves more than a million dollars a year.  Entertainment, Sports, Politicians, Wall Street, Bankers, CEOs, etc.  None of these SOBs deserve to haul in anything near 1 million bucks.  None of them.  Whine because they think they worked hard for it also.  Really, you worked HARD for it.  My ass you worked hard.  You made it by stealing (legally), cheating someone else, leverage, or connections.  You SOBs don’t deserve to keep raping the rest of us so that you can yacht around the harbor in a new ship and promise to throw minimum wage jobs at the rest of us. Fuck all of you who live at those level of incomes while honest hard working people work themselves to death so they can care for their children or old parents.  Your days are numbered.  You fuckers will surely swing by the neck soon.  Soon…

But, I really don’t want to take this blog in that direction and I fuss because I had to deal today with the sort of asses that I wrote about here today.  I should feel better tomorrow. Or, start hanging assholes stuffed with their stock certificates.


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