Trip To the Caves in Florida

Yes, there are a network of caves in Florida.  Just west of Tallahassee, in Marianna, there are caves carved out by flowing water millions of years ago.  I managed to snap one picture with my camera phone, then the battery died.   This shot was taken from the trail leading down to the cave entrance.  I like the copious amount of green in the forest today. It was breathtaking. I sure wish my camera could have lasted. My wife took some pictures, and I may post some of those if she ever extracts them from her camera.

marriane caverns state park

 I really need to get a better camera. I am looking at getting a Nikon with a telescoping lens.  Not the massive telescope looking lens that the paparazzi use, but something like the D3100 Nikon with at least 14 megapixel resolution and 1080p.



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