Family Matters Boiling Over Again

I hate it when family members are embroiled, bickering, and name-calling. She said this about your cousin; then, he said that about your Aunt, and so on.  It usually has the most pointless little disagreement that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Why all the drama?  Let the little stuff slide off of your back and don’t sweat the small stuff.  These are my mottos and I genuinely try to live by them.  I don’t hold grudges against family members.  Well, blood family members; I have been known to hold long time grudges against in-laws, but that is my burden.   When the earth has so many more serious problems, shouldn’t we forgive and forget?  My god, we will all be in the ground soon enough.

1285387212410  <—- This is what is feels like when family fights!



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