Busy Saturday

Washed both of our vehicles and cleaned out the dryer vent in the laundry room.  We must have pulled a football sized mass of lint from the inside air tube and fan.  Oh my god, it was so bad that no air could have been flowing through.  My wife told me that it appeared to be taking a lot longer to dry a load of clothes.  The first new batch out of the dryer was nice and toasty.  All the screws went back on the back panel with none left over; this an unusual thing for me.

Since I have a bad back, the Mrs. took care of the low scrubbing on the truck and SUV and I was the fire hose man with the water.  We scrubbed the heck out of the bug splats.  At least I can see some accomplishments this weekend.

Pet Update and Photos:

We scared the cat into the tree when we brought the dog out for a change of scenery and a gift of a new lovey toy.  She really loves these kinds of terry cloth material toys.   

Dog face                                                              Cat face



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