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Chrome Web Store – Home

Chrome Web Store – Home. I finally switched back to Chrome and boy I was surprised.  There is a lot of cool stuff at the Chrome store.  Check it out, if you want to switch to a kick-ass web browser … Continue reading

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Windows Liver Writer

Is there anything else I can use to update this blog that would be better than Windows Live Writer?  It really doesn’t offer a whole lot.  I just want more features than this one has to offer.

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Wordpress Question?

I really would like to use my Expressions Web 4.0 to create and maintain this an other websites I have.  Is this possible for WordPress sites like this one?  Currently, it looks like my only options are the on-line editor … Continue reading

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I Need a Book Idea or a Project

I need to find some other way to express myself creatively.  I have a yearning to poor myself into something, a project, a book, anything.  I don’t know where to start.  I’ve downloaded all sorts of software to get the … Continue reading

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