Some People Can’t Handle Being a Manager

I work with a good group of guys who enjoy creating good clean robust code.  But, there is a group that is not under our management nor are they above our management, and they have a dick working for them.  They have a mid-level manager who loves to catch people violating little bitty piss ant rules that have no affect on our work. He loves to strut his ignorant ass cock sucker mouth around the building looking for unsuspecting developers to rule over.  We have too many rules and too many laws, but that’s another story.

When something has no common sense attached to it, people tend to let it slide until the rule is changed eventually.  NOT THIS PRICK Mid-level turd.  He jumps down our throats whenever he gets the chance.  I could kill him, but it would hurt me more to do that. So, I am looking for a way to fuck his shit up mildly or majorly without him knowing who did it.  He deserves this and so much more.   I think the dude misses the days when he could bully the other school children around.  Anyone with any ideas on how to get some payback, please let me know.

I really hate that guy.  He has moved into the top 25 on my “If i die, they die list.”

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