Coin Collecting

1923 Nickel Fine Condition

I was lucky to receive a 1923 S Nickel from my Dad about a year ago.  I intend to hold it forever because I like the idea of having a piece of 1923 hanging around my modern surroundings.  I have checked the value of the nickel at various websites.  The condition appears to be “F” for fine, considering that I can read the date and series marking “S” on the reverse side and most of the indian and buffalo have not been rubbed down too much.  I have other coins that I am keeping, but I always turn to this one with pride.  I love the uniquely American feel to the design.  Cool coin.  Thanks Dad.


I have at least 11 of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coins that I can’t force myself to get rid of.  I know they are worth a dollar at most, but I just can’t seem to use them.  Weird. 


My Dad has a whole bunch of these Ike dollars hanging around somewhere in his house.  He keeps them unprotected, so I need to at least locate them and wrap them in plastic for him to keep.


Of course, who doesn’t have a whole collection of “wheat” pattern pennies.   These things age so poorly.  Which means they likely were used a whole lot more during their time, than the pennies of today.


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