Completed my surgery on the 14th and I have been recovering to date.  I have 5 more weeks of convalescence until I can return to work.   My pain for the first week has been pure hell, but it should gradually diminish over time according to the doctor.  I have 30 staples in my low back, and here is what it looks like for the first 19 or 20 staples.  Very “Frankensteinish”, eh?


The surgery removed a lot of bone and arthritis as well as the 3 disks involved in the fusion.  It is intended to relieve all of the chronic low back pain that has plagued me for the past 15 years.  This injury had caused me to miss out on a lot of life due to the debilitating pain and back spasms that were occurring more and more frequently.   The procedure has a 70% success rate, so I am hopeful for a better quality of life.


I have been getting some high quality drugs to deal with the post-surgery pain such as oxycotin (percacet), muscle relaxers (soma), and some sort of anti-depression medicine to deal with sleep discomfort and the feeling of “never getting better” that occurs the first 4 weeks.   So far, I have experience nothing but pain and depression, but it is the first week. 


What Depression, well for one you can’t wipe your ass without intense pain.  Can’t sit for more than 20 minutes; can’t walk for  more than 10 minutes; can’t go anywhere via car, so I am stuck here at home.  Other things like standing up by yourself without assistance; showering is a real chore.  Lots of things that a person does involuntarily now require strict attention and effort. 


More to come, I hope.

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