Rattlesnake in the Neighborhood

On our way to pick up a paper Sunday morning, my wife noticed a large snake moving next to the road on a street in our neighborhood.  So, she became very excited and actually stopped and did a 3 point turn around to show the snake to me, since I wasn’t paying attention as she drove.  As we approached the snake, another SUV driven  by one of our neighbors came screeching to a halt and turned over the snake repeatedly.   I don’t like killing snakes, but the act of killing poisonous snakes are less of a bad thing with all the children and pets in our neighborhood.  I still felt bad to see this magnificent creature destroyed in this manner.  Plus, I think eggs were being carried by the snake.  The snake measure around 4 to 5 feet and was as big around as  a grapefruit.  The neighbors SUV made a loud popping noise when she ran over it. I have inserted one of the pictures we took of the snake.  A very beautiful reptile.



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