Fort Barrancas and the Naval Museum

Lots of pictures of our day trip to Fort Barrancas, Pensacola NAS, Florida.  My parents, and wife and kids, took a trip to the NAS Pensacola, Fort Barrancas and the Naval Museum.  Lots of walking and reading, but it was well worth it.  We had a blast and it was all free.


2011-10-02 13.34.59 2011-10-02 13.44.442011-10-02 12.42.04
The largest sea plane that I have ever seen. It is remarkable that this plane ever got off of the water.  An artificial Aircraft Carrier flight deck in one wing of the museum.  Rye in the cockpit.


2011-10-02 12.04.132011-10-02 11.53.162011-10-02 12.04.04
A very large shore to sea battery cannon. The family, except for my wife, at the Fort’s main entrance.  The last on the right was taken from the parade ground towards the walls of the fort and the flag.


2011-10-02 13.32.152011-10-02 13.42.532011-10-02 13.38.21

The photo lab on the carrier, simulated.  Old candy on sale during WWII on the carrier.   And the old time kitchen in the museum home front exhibit.

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