No Time for Anything

Seems like I can never find enough time to do all the things I need to do in a day.  There are literally tons of books I want to read.  There are so many software projects and apps that I have not created, completed, or deployed.  I can’t find the time to learn and use Expression Web 4 I bought 3 weeks ago; or Web Matrix, HTML, ASP, Java, C#, Eclipse, VS 2010, etc…


Plus all the kids sports, concerts, play dates, etc.

Plus the wife wanting me to fix the home, car, lawn, etc.


Plus my health issues are mounting : diabetes, back herniated disks, weight, blood pressure, gastro paresis, etc…

Facebook updates, updates to this WordPress blog.  Blogger; I still have that blog, I think.


Android programming..Work projects/programming, work training, process training, skill sets, resumes, etc…

Using tools like Mindmappers, Freemind, Freeplane, etc… I hope to find some order or pattern to help me.

Educating the kids in Math, Science, technology, history, politics, etc,,,  manners and etiquette.

My brain is freaking frying from overclocking to do all of this stuff!!! What the hell do you people do to organize and handle all the family life stresses and responsibilities. I am losing my mind due to the abundance of responsibilities. 

Financial monitoring of my 401ks and pension funds.  Not to mention debt loans and the cost of everything in the world going through the roof.

So, since I can’t do it all, I usually do nothing.  Lockup and overload freeze!!

I can’t sleep anymore either.  I can’t shut it DOWN!!!!!!

Rolling on the floor laughing

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