Some Nature Photos

I happened to see a small 4 foot gator in a lake near the house.  He acted like someone has been feeding him, which is against the law here in Florida. We were throwing bread to some ducks and fish and this little gator came bubbling up and would not leave. The ducks and fish left, of course.


If you look closely in the middle of the photo, you can see his head resting on a lily pad.   I would say he is a little more than 50 feet from the shore.  I tried to zoom with my Android phone.  I need to get a real camera to take photos on the weekend.

I love the next few photos for no other reason than the green trees and sky.  The church steeple would have been a better photo, had the power line not been in the way.

oak tree


Of course no photos of Florida would be complete without some swamp cypress in the mix, below.  Took this one at my aunt’s house on the lake/swamp.

swamp trees

I had a rare day, where I felt some connection to the nature and world around me.  I wish I had more days like this past Sunday.


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