Mormonism is so strange!

Some weird beliefs or holes that LDS (mormons) have attributed to themselves:

  1. Magic Underwear
  2. Quakers live on the Moon
  3. Joseph Smith was a conman and a treasure hunter before coming up with the idea of starting his own religion.
  4. Kolob. The planet where mormon God lives.
  5. Jesus is your brother.
  6. American indians are a lost tribe of Israelis.
  7. Mormon males can have multiple wives in heaven and on earth in some sects.
  8. Strange reclusive marriage ceremonies.  Copied from Masonic rituals.
  9. Lots of children to expand the religious numbers
  10. No caffeine drinks.
  11. Give 10% of your money to the church, or you can’t attend. Or have a temple marriage.
  12. The Garden of Eden is in Missouri.
  13. Joseph smith dictated the mormon bible using a Seer stone and a hat in which he stuck his head to read the ancient hebrew.
  14. Black people were cursed and the sons of Cane; until 1976 anyways.  Blacks could not become priests in their church until the 1970s.
  15. more to come.

I will update this if I can find anymore.


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