Book Ideas

I am thinking about writing a book. Sci-Fi mainly while exploring the aggressive dominant nature of women taken to the extreme. I have a few chapters already complete with a lot of plot still floating around in my head. Note to self: look into getting a publisher interested.

Another story I am developing is based on older folks becoming wanted commodities in a world full of untrained youngsters.

Anyway, it beats sitting around watching TV or surfing the net. I don’t play video games anymore, mainly because I can’t see very well due to long hours developing software and writing technical documents. I think I could write a rough draft and then get some editorial advice. I really enjoy reading and writing, so hey, why can’t I write a book. I have read so many that I know I could do as well if not better than a lot of the books I have read.

Even if it is never read, I will have at least gotten the urge out of my head.


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1 Response to Book Ideas

  1. The sci-fi plot is cool but the more interesting is the one about “older folks becoming wanted commodities in a world full of untrained youngsters”. I urge you to go the “older folks” route as this is very timely and very encouraging, given the current situations in the world. I’m looking into writing a book myself, but mostly for humor and pop culture subjects.

    Instead of looking for a publisher, how about self-publishing instead? There are sites like (I’m in no way connected to this site) or other print-on-demand sites which could be very helpful.

    Whatever your endeavor is, go ahead and do it.

    Michael Pancho

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