More “Good Ole Boy” System

I know nothing will stop the “Good Ole Boys” from looking out for other “Good Ole Boys”, but this is my rant on the latest experience I’ve had with it. It seems that developers that do their job and put in at that extra effort to do a quality job are ignored in favor of the social chit-chatter employee.  This employee visits the entire building, drink coffees and chats about sports, takes an extra 30 minutes here and there on the clock, portrays himself as the best on the team (while secretly getting assistance from the worker bees that do their job), speaks up and parrots the boss in meetings to make it seem like he is a mover and a shaker, and best of all gets recognition, awards, and promotions to management.  Me, I just improve our product and look for ways to make and save us money. And I constantly improve my professional skillset.  Screw THIS! Tomorrow I start my new employee Good Ole Boy routine.  I just hate the crappy coffee my office serves.



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