Time Traveler’s Wife

This is a photo of my little misses when she was a little misses.
She is currently reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and she’s been postulating all kinds of weird scenarios where things could have gone so vastly different due to timing and our chance meeting one night 15 years ago.  When you think about all the possible twists and turns that occur in a life, and who decides to stay in and who goes out one night, and a chance meeting which plans your whole life out in the most major way, you start to think that maybe their is a master planner or at least fate is a real entity.
My Wife

I have not loved another human being as much as I love my wife, at least until our 3 children were born, and I just can’t believe that I was this lucky.  I have never won anything via chance and my luck is just not this good, so  I think I will go with fate for now. 

I love you hun!
<– My wife at 7, ain’t she a cutie?

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